Referencja RST

We are dellghted to confirm that from May 2021 to Juty 2022 RST SOFTWARE MASTERS were a client of Mr. Maciej Gwóźdź and his company SlOWO W SŁOWO.

Durlng our cooperation, SŁOWO W SŁOWO dellvered translations from Polish to English and from English to Polish of marketing content, posts for our corporate blog devoted to the subject of programming, as well as contracts concluded wlth our English-speaking employees.

SŁOWO W SŁOWO did an excellent job, always meeting the specified deadllne and translating specialized content with ut most care, allowing us to certify that translations for the IT sector is one of the company's fields of expertise. Mr. Gwóźdź's kindness, openness and professional approach to every assignment are other elemenls of the service thai we highly valued.

Following over a year of our fruitful cooperation, we are at liberty to recommend SŁOWO W SŁOWO as a proven and rei la ble provider of translations services.



Wykonujemy wszelkiego rodzaju tłumaczenia ustne i pisemne.

Dane firmy:
SŁOWO W SŁOWO Maciej Gwóźdź
NIP 9910468271
REGON 368039480

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