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Starska Translations Is a translation agency offerlng, among others, translations from English to Polish and from Polish to English. On a daily basis we cooperate with dients from different sectors such as IT, air transport, through cosmetlcs, mediclne, to law, chemistry, etc.

We have been cooperating with Maciej Gwóźdź since 2017. So far he has translated for us around a hundred pages of texts from the above-mentioned fields. Our Polish and English clients have spoken highly of the quality of his translations, both from Polish to English and from English to Polish. it is worth mentioning that as an agency operating in the UK we value translators whose work is characterized by highest quality and natura! English. Maciej Gwóźdź meets these crlteria. He always meets deadlines set and his con duet so far has been exceptlonally professional.

We can therefore recommend him as an EN-PL translator.

Agata Sztubstarska


Wykonujemy wszelkiego rodzaju tłumaczenia ustne i pisemne.

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